Our goal at Texas Culinary is to empower and excite people making cooking approachable and fun.The Texas Culinary Institute offers a selection of cooking courses that focus on international, regional and seasonal cuisine. Offering hands on classes for adults and children that allows them to enjoy the creativity of cooking. 

We attribute our reputation to the lasting customer relationships we’ve developed since opening. We believe that all of our customers deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that. 
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COOK & CORK- This class is to come cook and relax with your friends or couple, we teach you to cook a 3 course menu. You can bring your own bottle of wine to drink while cooking. These classes are designed to be prepared in pairs.

Example: Sushi Night- Vegetable Gyozas, Maki Sushi, Japanese Cheesecake.

COOK & DRINK- In this class we prepare a 3 course menu of a specific cuisine, we ask you to bring the regional type of alcohol and teach you how to make a popular drink of that specific cuisine.

Example: 3 course menu of Artisan Mexican Cuisine, you bring your mezcal and tequila and we teach you how to make margaritas.

COOK & SELL-These classes are 2 consecutive days in which we focus on how to prepare a specific dish or dessert. The goal of these classes is to teach you how to prepare these dishes and you can start you own business and sell them. We teach you about costs, how and where to buy ingredients, how to display your creations so you can make a profit out of them. 

Example: Macaroons, Cookies, Cakes, Seasonal Baskets.

COOK AND PLAY: These classes are designed specifically for children ages 7-17. Our little chefs create a main entree and a dessert in a 3 hr class.

Example: Pizza & Nutella Calzone